Why the Connection with Cloud 9 Float Spa


Floating: the practice of floating in a ten inch deep water containing 900 pounds of sea salt in an enclosed dark space.


There is plenty of evidence of the health benefits of floating. In Michael Hutchison’s book, “The Book of Floating” he documents some of the health benefits that have been studied and chronicled by numerous experts. Positive results have been documents include:

  • weight loss,
  • spontaneous reduction/elimination of toxic habits such as drug use and smoking,
  • anxiety reduction,
  • peak athletic performance recovery and restorative recovery. (2003, 7-8)


The connection with Energy medicine and floating come from the same pot of research. There is a direct relationship between consciousness and brain chemistry – attitudes and thoughts can both change and determine your brain chemistry and your brain chemistry determines what happens in your body. (2007, 77)


In real terms, this means, when you are in a state of panic, or despair or fear, your brain chemistry is altered. Your brain releases hormones and neurotransmitters that have a profound effect on behavior and your body. The best example of this is a panic attack. When you are in the midst of a full blown panic attack, you feel like you are going to die! Your heart rate elevates, your breathing becomes shallow and constricted and in severe cases, you may even pass out (which is your body’s natural “reset” button because as soon as you faint, you immediately release all of the tension and your body can once again breathe unobstructed). Over time, we teach our bodies to be in these states and we develop and reinforce neural pathways that make our ‘go to’ experience one of fear, panic or danger.


Just as we can train our brain to go to panic and despair, we can do the opposite. We can teach our brains and our bodies to move into positive states. We can create and reinforce neural pathways that make our go to experience one of calm, joy and peace.


Photo Courtesy of Jill Philipchuk


The combination of energy medicine and floating can both reinforce and support this process and I believe that combined, the process can be greatly enhanced. A session of energy medicine can bring up and clear cell memory and an immediate session in a float tank, especially with the 900 pounds of salt would help support the process.


So it is with this theory and intention, that I am now going to work with Float Spa to offer combination treatment and float sessions. We will be offering introductory special packages and first time treatments to introduce everyone to the concept and package prices beginning at $100 for a 50 minute energy session and 75 minute float session combination offer.


If you are interested, you can contact me at CreativeEdge BodyWorks, or Travis at Cloud 9 Float Spa. If you have any questions about this offer or any other information from this blog post, feel free to contact me.


Photo Courtesy of Jill Philipchuk