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A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination
noun  /alkame/

Emi Garzitto (PhD, MA, Bed, BA)

Emi Garzitto (PhD, MA, Bed, BA)

Founder & CEO

My name is Emi Garzitto and I am a Conflict Alchemist


I grew up in East Vancouver, in the heart of the “Little Italy” neighbourhood. Hard work, church, family and following the rules were the important values of the community.

As I grew older, I become more interested in how we help people, ‘do the right thing’ without relying on punishment, fear or shame. I wondered if there was a way to ‘do the right thing’ through joy rather than through suffering.

As a high school teacher, vice principal and counsellor, I was curious as to how we could help teach and learn ‘how to get along’. I have been pursuing this preoccupation first, by getting my Master’s degree and eventually completing my PhD.

Creative Edge is my way of helping workplace communities ‘do the right thing’ through joy.

Helping communities through conflict
for 27 years




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