Phase One – I Work with You

I do this by first helping you recognize your need to manage your own discomforts first. Your anxiety, anger, stress or frustration can be enormously painful but, they can also provide you with both information and energy that you can use to make a change.

Do the hard work first. Manage you before you manage others.


Phase TwoI Work with Others

I teach you how to work with others. I provided you with the tools and the practice to communicate respectfully, clearly and with integrity. Most importantly this includes learning how to wage good conflict in the workplace.

I help you build capability and capacity to independently manage workplace conflict.

These are the skills you need to become an expert problem solver.


Phase ThreeI Help You Build a Strong Workplace Culture

Workplace conflict can also point to systemic issues that may require additional training to address toxic work environments and I will work with you to address these.


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