Although I am primarily using Specialized Kinesiology and Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) in my bodywork practice, I bring all of my research and studies in a session.  In particular, my interest in cell memory, processwork and our evolving understanding of how and where we store memories informs my work.

And, more than all of the paper, my practice itself informs me, as I continue to learn from my clients and growth, transformation and courage that takes place in between the sessions.

Training and Course Work
2013         Touch For Health Proficiency
2013          Specialized Kinesiology Proficiency
2010          Non Violent Communication
2008                Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification
2008                  Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) Empower Your Future
2007         Managing Hostile Individuals
2007         Anger Management Training,
2006         Mediation
2006                Restorative Justice Training (Level 1 and 2)
2001         Specialized Kinesiology

2003             Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

1999         Masters in Educational Studies (M.Ed.)