Got Conflict? I Can Help?

This is an open invitation to send me a conflict or disagreement that you would like to receive some feedback and support. If the conflict is chosen, I will devote one podcast to the conflict that will provide insight as well as potential action plans on how to work through the conflict. All information will remain private and you will not be interviewed, nor will your personal information be revealed.…

Handling the Tough Conversation With Childrenand Adults by Can't We All Just Get Along?

Michelle Tremblay who is the sole proprietor and founder of Mpower Lives. She works with schools, companies and corporations where she focuses on anti bullying, wellness and self regulation. She is a sought after key note speaker and a second degree black belt in karate.
Key Concept:…

I'm Angry and I Want You
to Know It…

You encounter the customer or colleague who has lost their cool. You don’t want to sit and be the object of all that anger but you don’t want to run away and hide either. What do you do?This podcast we interview Josh Bath….

Who Are You Listening To?

In my very first podcast episode I am going to share with you a little bit about me. Find out how I got started in my conflict alchemy journey and what makes me tick!
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