My Opening Lob

Welcome to my blog!
This is a blog that will examine everyday questions that come in a public school that relate to technology and moral education.

I am a vice principal at John Oliver Secondary School.

As a VP in a challenging Vancouver east side school that embraces technology, I am curious as to how students in the Google generation come about making decisions, any decisions, but especially, decisions that impact their moral selves.
This is a space that will be dedicated to exploring questions that surface when you work in a public schools filled with teen aged students.
It is a space where I can tell the stories that come through my room and constantly challenge me on my own moral landscape.
I am not sure I can say I love the job of vice principal, but I can without hesitation say that I love love LOVE working with teens.  I have worked in public secondary schools for twenty years and that is a constant.  As a drama teacher, I loved collaborating with students and working with theatre productions where I had countless of opportunities to walk alongside of students as they journeyed from childhood to adulthood.
I get that  ‘becoming an adult’ has everything to do with the simple and mundane – Say please and thank you. Honour the people who serve you whether that’s the stage manager or your mom dropping off your lunch. Pick up your own garbage.  When you make a mistake, you own it, learn from it and move on.
And over and over and on and on it goes.  I have always felt it to be an honor to work with beings who are working on all of this in the beginning, while the frontal cortex decision making part of the brain is still in progress.  Same goes as a counselor and now as a vice principal.
My hope is that sharing the stories and the questions will invite you to think about your own experiences, and perhaps, help shed some light and perspective on your own interactions with the Google Generation.
I would love to hear from you too, and work with your questions and stories as we may have opportunities to learn together, but for now,  here is my opening lob.
Happily Hanging in Venice