Living and Healing in a Holographic Universe

“Everything you’ll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.”

Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives


We live in a holographic universe. What does this mean?  What does the holographic principle mean to healing and to the way we view our world? In The Hidden Reality, Brian Greene explains a Holographic Multiverse as follows:


…the holographic principle envisions that all we experience may be fully and equivalently described as the comings and goings that take place at a thin and remote locus. It says that if we could understand the laws that govern physics on that distant surface, and the way phenomena there link to experience here, we would grasp all there is to know about reality.


Holographic Principle in energy medicine, can be summarized by the following 7 principles taken from Barbara Ann Brennan’s book, Light Emerging:

  1. Consciousness is the basic reality
  2. Everything is connected to everything else
  3. Each piece contains the whole.
  4. Time is holographic
  5. Each aspect is individual and not identical to any other aspect
  6. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  7. Consciousness creates reality and its own experience of reality (38-40)

The idea, that the part is the whole is prevalent in energy medicine and Chinese medicine.  An energy block located in your gall bladder meridian also correspond to the idea of letting go or holding on; a block in your spleen meridian may also indicate blocks in your relationship with your mother, as spleen is the “mother” of all organs.  If your gastrocnemius, soleus and Achilles muscles which are connected to your triple warmer meridian consistently switch off, then thyroid, adrenals, and your hormone levels may need your attention.


Take this metaphor even further, and your surroundings are also “alive” and reflecting back to you what needs your attention.


If you pay attention to your suffering you may likely be more aware of your disasters and lack. No matter how many times you switch jobs, you keep attracting a domineering and controlling boss, no matter how much money you make, you can’t seem to save any despite all of your efforts to do so. You keep falling on the same side of your body,

If you pay attention and attend to your joys you will be more aware of your successes and abundance. You are constantly giving away money but suddenly unexpectedly receiving more.  This is what seems to happen to a friend of mine who says “No matter what I do, money always finds me” and lives her life giving generously to others.  Or maybe you leave work late but always manage to make it on time as the traffic  will unexpectedly go your way.


You are a community of 50 billion cells.  There is not one new function in a human that is not present in every single cell.  Bruce Lipton Biology of Belief


The world is an ever present holograph.  It is not just the 50 million cells of our body that are repeating the patterns of our being. Everything is alive, reminding us of our own beliefs, and reflecting what we believe about our selves and the world we inhabit.


The holographic point of view takes the best out of the idea that we can take 100% responsibility for our being.  Once you believe that you are responsible for your own world you take the power in your own hands. You remove the power of your life out of the hands of whoever you are choosing to point the finger as the person/thing that is the cause of your unhappiness.


The invitation is to move away from a victim perspective that believes, “Things happen to me and I can’t control my unhappiness.” Rather than perpetuating the very things you are trying to avoid, becoming your own active agent allows to focus and create the life you want,  “I now choose to work at bringing in my own happiness.”


Beings empowered with their own capacities are what we are looking for.  When we go from I am not in control of what happens to me, to “I am the agent of my own story” we can begin to evolve into what we are aching for in the first place – contentment, service, kindness, peace, abundance, health and well being.


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