In a Nutshell

CreativeEdge Bodyworks is a dynamic process that removes obstacles that prevent YOU from living the life YOU want to live.

Through a series of 3-6 50 minute sessions, utilizing a number of techniques which include Conflict Coaching, NLP and Specialized Kinesiology, I help you identify and remove obstacles. Together we work on an action plan that will move you towards Productivity, Peace and Wellness.

Creative Edge supports you in transforming pain into freedom and well being.



Photo Courtesy of Jill Philipchuk



CreativeEdge Bodyworks Can Help if You are Experiencing Yourself As:


  •         Always Angry
  •         Anxious
  •         Depressed
  •         Chronically Injured
  •         In a state of Crisis
  •       Stuck – the same thing you keep trying to avoid keeps happening to you
  •         Trying to change a bad habit
  •         In a significant transition in your life such as a divorce or death in the family
  •         Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Specialized Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Neurolinguistic Programming is not a substitute for any other medical care and makes no claims of treatment or cures.  They are not medical diagnostic tools. Always consult a medical Doctor for treatment and diagnosis.