Here is How it Works – The Body Electric

Human Energy Field

Energy healing modalities such as Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology, Reiki, Matrix Energetics or BioEnergetics to name just a few, are based on the understanding that a body is not only made of physical mass, but also contains intricate patterns of electrical grid lines and currents that move in specific directions.  These electrical gridlines and currents correspond with different organs, muscles, emotions and life experiences.


If the currents are all running in the proper direction and move unobstructed, the electrical energy system of the body supports health and well-being.  When the electrical grid pattern is flowing properly, this promotes a state of homeostasis, positive balance.  In a state of positive balance, our bodies can heal themselves.


When, however, these gridlines are blocked or running in the opposite direction of their natural direction, this creates an imbalance. A disruption can occur for any number of reasons.  Some examples might be:

  •       Physical trauma such as a car accident or a fall
  •       Food Allergies or insensitivities
  •       Emotional trauma
  •       A significant conflict
  •       Anything that happens to us that we process as “painful”

When there is an influx of energy in your home’s electrical system, there is a breaker that completely shuts off the power to that particular power source. This happens in order to protect the system from completely melting down and shutting off all of the electrical power or even worse, starting an electrical fire in the home. The breaker “kills the connection” for one current that is not running properly in order to protect the overall system.


Our bodies have similar mechanisms that provide the same effect.  “Power” in a particular area of our lives, “shuts down” and we feel sick, sad, unhealthy or somehow detached from our own bodies. Energy healing modalities treat the “shut down” as information that helps lead them to support a client to balance.  Ideally, this is not just about clearing the energetic obstructions and supporting the currents in running properly, but also, helping the clients work towards maintaining the balance and looking at what creates the imbalance in the first place.


Condensed at its most fundamental level, energy work is simply supporting a body to stay balanced and clear.  In order to hold this position of balance for any length of time, we must support our clients in figuring out what holds them to imbalance in the first place.


This is one of the most important parts of the work that gets me really excited.  I love the fact that energy medicine relies on having the client take full responsibility for their health and well being.  I equally love trying to work out the puzzle of what supports a body to support and maintain balance.


It no doubt take courage for someone to walk in and lie on a table and expose those vulnerable parts that keep us stuck in dis-ease.

The reward for such courage is the experience of “the unbearable lightness of being” that is a body, mind and spirit in balance and in the clear.


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