Conflict Buster - One on One Mediation Package

Are you getting the same feedback from your colleagues and management team that you are ‘too pushy’ or ‘are too afraid to say the hard things’?

There is that one client that always knows how to push your buttons and you want to find a way to get past your over reaction. 

This workshop is designed to help you get unstuck from the relationship or communication pattern that stops you from being your best self. 

You will receive real time skills and tools to tackle difficult conversations so that you can build trust and social capital with employees, clients and managers. You will get the experience of sitting in the centre of chaos and coming out the other side a little more the kind and fearless warrior you wish to be! Doesn’t that so 

Clients will:

  • Receive 10 hours one on one personal executive conflict coaching focused around a specific conflict 
  • Learn and practice strategies and approaches that make conflict work for you not against you 
  • Personal script or talking points along with rehearsal, role play and feedback good?